MCS and CTE Logos

This week, Modesto City Schools and our Career Technical Education (CTE) department hosted a diverse team of Central Valley community healthcare leaders and professionals to visit our district to showcase our Health Science and Medical Technology Industry Sectors as well as Patient Care and Biotechnology Pathways across our high schools.

Our district-wide tour began at Enochs High School. That's where students in Ms. Friedberg's Science and Ethics class, which is part of the Biotechnology Pathway, were working to understand the process of blood transfusions. Using dyes and solutions, students demonstrated how the process breaks down at the cellular level. Our guests had the opportunity to ask our students questions about their career aspirations and learn how their Career Technical Education pathway has benefitted their education and career plans.

 The group then traveled to Elliott Alternative Education Center, where students in Ms. Ruth Nall's Health Careers class shared what they've learned about a wide spectrum of medical skills and processes ranging from ultrasound imaging to performing ophthalmology screenings. With a variety of avenues to learn from, students are presented with a generous list of options to explore a potential healthcare career.

 The tour also included a stop at Davis High School's Health Careers Academy. Students in the academy progress through several courses including Ms. Olen’s Medical Science class, Mr. Phillips' Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class, and/or Ms. Huber’s Hospital & Health Service Occupations class. Scholars in the program receive hands-on training that adds to their career readiness. Some even gain experience working in healthcare facilities, including local Emergency Rooms. 

The final stop on the tour included a visit to Ms. Joseph's Medical Science 1 class at Gregori High School. Students in the first-year class learn the basics of medical sciences and gain exposure to various Career Technical Education pathways. Our guests made up of healthcare professionals took this time to encourage to encourage students to explore the healthcare profession and make the most of the CTE pathways available to them. 

Our CTE programs are an excellent way to complete a high school education and transition to college and/or career options after high school.